File Hosting &
Chunker server Solutions

File Hosting System Expert

- We are expert deeply in the following fields that definitely are survival to File hosting service: Linux system, Nginx & php-fpm with X-Accel-Redirect, and Merchant Gateways.

10+ Years Of real Experiences

We used to run our own file host sharing services and had experienced many troubles for nearly 10 years before being expert and providing the service here.

Our Services

We are offering the following services:

Setup Systems

We will install and make configurations needed on both any File hosting scripts and servers.

Consulting service

We provide clients with complete solutions to make sure your File Sharing service run without issues with lowest cost.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Feel free to go to Hawaii, lie on the beach drinking cocktails and leave the system for us to manage.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why you should choose to use our services.


Get Rid of painful issues

+ Suggested Best storage servers with low cost and DMCA ignored.
+ Optimize Disks without Disk IO wait problem.
Large files and big number of Data volume are no problem with our configurations. There are no dropped upload and download connections when you are in the middle of file transfers.
+ Suggest merchant service and unique solutions to receive payments.
+ FREE Backup solution on even more than 500 TB of Data.
+ DMCA issues.


Reduce operating costs by 40%

We absolutely reduce your monthly expenses and make your service works smoothly with unexpected issues as less as possible.


What Customers Say

We have archived lot of great feedback from our satisfied customers.

Have A Question? We are here always ready to assist.

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Phone number: (409) 242-6979
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