I Love You Period

I love you period

Back when I was goin’ to school, I never learned a thing
All I did was daydream, a-waitin’ for the bell to ring
I had a certain teacher, I always tried to impress her
When she stood up in the classroom, I would mentally undress her
Then one day I decided, that I would write a little letter
She said the spellin’ was a masterpiece, the punctuation could be better
I understood what she was saying, I got the gist of her sentiment
She said I don’t mean to be degrading, but here’s the way that it shoulda

[Chorus (2x):]
I love you period
Do you love me question mark
Please, please exclamation point
I want to hold you in parentheses

Right on up to high school, people said I was a writin’ fool
All my letters became really great, with punctuation that was never late
But I was havin’ trouble meetin’ girls, I never knew the things to say
Soon I had ’em all overwhelmed, when they heard me talk this way, like this


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