There’s many a day I ache for you but we are oceans apart
Even though my tears have dried there’s an emptiness
I feel in my heart called love

From the first time that I loved you I told you from the start
Our love would come together
If we could stand to be apart
I never mean to break your heart, oh, no!

The days I count without you I feel so all alone
I see you in my dreams at night
I feel your touch so strong
I feel your pain and tears miles away
I surrender my soul to you, dear

Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Mishale , what am I supposed to do?
Mishale , I’ll never get over you
Mishale Mishale, loving you is heaven
Loving you is heaven
Missing you is hell

And I need for our love to be strong
And as the love that goes into your tear, oh, yeah

No matter where I find myself you’re always on my mind soul and eyes reveal my pain as my tears fall like November rain
The light is fading, I just miss you


Mishale, what am I supposed to do?

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