Santa Rosa in the Snow

Happy New Year Santa Rosa here I am
I was brought in by the weather and the cold
I was heading towards the West to find the sand
I guess I’ll have to settle for the snow

And I am just a stranger to this town
I’m lonely and I’m restless and I’m stuck
And I wish I knew a way to get back down
And I wish I had a shovel in this truck

And the state police won’t let me on the street
I told ’em my story – they don’t care
There’s an old dog just lying at the feet
Of a girl who once wore flowers in her hair

And my heart lies fifty miles ahead
Underneath a bridge just out of sight
Where she sits beneath the covers of a bed
Where she waits for me to meet her in the night

And this old town was named after a rose
That blooms along the hillside in the cold ground
But my heart has been broken and it’s closed
Like the freeway that would take me out of town

And just because I ain’t got no regrets
That don’t mean I didn’t get it wrong
My love is like a homemade Summer dress
And I am just a lonely Winter song

I dust off the snowflakes from the hood
And I talk to an old friend on the phone
She says, “I think that the calm could do you good
You know you’ve been driving for so long”

So Happy New Years babe, I guess this is goodbye
And I hope that you find someone you can hold
And if you hear that midnight whistle cry
Please think of me in Santa Rosa in the snow

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