When I’m With You

You came along
You looked at me
So sweetly
You smiled so discreetly
And I fell so completely
You came along
And your arms were there to run to
Since that moment
I’m spellbound
Darling, look what you’ve done to me
(Shirley Temple chorus)
Every single day becomes a holiday
When I’m with you
I have lots of toys
But I don’t want to play
When I’m with you
Oh Daddy how I miss you
You’re busy all your life
I long to hug and kiss you
Marry me and let me be your wife
Every word I hear
Becomes a lullaby
When I’m with you
Even funny spinach
Tastes like pumpkin pie
When I’m with you
Oooh oooh oooh oooh!
In every dream I caress you
Every night I play the Lord will bless you
The worlds a nursry rhyme,
Daddy dear when I’m with you.
Every street I walk on
Becomes a lovers lane
When I’m with you
I can see the sun
Though we’re out in the rain
When I’m with you
To lose you would be tragic
Here is my heart unfurled
You have that certain magic
You’re the seven wonders of the world
Snow is on the ground
But the leaves are in the trees
When I’m with you
Flowers sing a love song
There’s music in the breeze
When I’m with you
Please let me make this confession
You are my magnificent obsession
The world is all in rhyme
Lovely one when I’m
With you.

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